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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

 Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Making the invisible visible


Aurora3D's "Virtual Animotion Gallery Of Algoma" - "VAGA"




"VAGA" is Aurora3D's -  laser animotion graphic design online server hosting Pangolin's award winning laser designer software applications. VAGA is an acronym that  stands for "Virtual Animotion Gallery of Algoma" which is Aurora3D's online server offering online laser multimedia learning. Aurora3D is an online STEAM laser motion graphic learning resource.




The Pangolin Cloud is a virtual laser entertainment gallery exhibiting free uploaded lasershow contributions from Pangolin clients. 


         Pangolin Cloud

  VAGA class creations are solely responsible for artistic and musical copyrights and must adhere to all applicable copyright laws.  Aurora3D laser motion class material have the option of being registered with the canadian intellectual property office (CIPO) - Industry Canada at your own personal expense. Multimedia animations/lasershows are strictly for entertainment and should not contain any subject conflicting material of political, religious, personal ideologies nor should they advance or promote content with sex, violence, racism or discrimination.



 Electronic Recycling Association - Official Sponsor Of Virtual Animotion Gallery of Algoma - VAGA

ERA is a nationwide non profit electronic recycling association sponsoring our Virtual Animotion Gallery of Algoma. Northern Lights is proud to be affiliated with ERA. We fully endorse/support ERA's efforts to cleanup landfills. Northern Lights is Aurora3D's VAGA server administrator monitoring/maintaining server activity.









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