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Art is not what you see, but what you make others see

 Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Making the invisible visible


Aurora3D's "Virtual Animation Gallery Of Algoma" - "VAGA"


International Planetarium Society                                                                                          Association Of Science-Technology Centers   


                                              Great Lakes Planetarium Association



"VAGA" is Aurora3D's - 24/7-  multimedia entertainment gallery home server reaching and serving an existing digital global market exhibiting and distributing freelance multimedia entertainment worldwide. VAGA stands for "Virtual Animation Gallery of Algoma"which is a virtual laser entertainment  gallery exhibiting and distributing/supplying freelance lasershows/laser animations to an existing established global network of laser A/V virtual multimedia equipped operators such as theme parks (1000+), fulldome planetariums (700+) and science centers (400+). Registration confirmation will grant free remote online access to conceptualize, create and program shows with the multilingual online  laser designer software to create and exhibit your freelance lasershow/ laser animation works on Aurora3D's VAGA home server. Raster/Bitmap 2D/3D animations are accepted and can be converted into vector laser animations by the laser designer software. Registered virtual freelance multimedia artists work independently as self employed, self directed animators, own and retain the intellectual property (IP) of their work, set the pricing for their work and receive compensation from Northern Lights when multimedia entertainment material is sold or licensed from VAGA. Multimedia entertainment saved and stored on Aurora3D's  VAGA  home server shall use the following format worktitle.yourfullname.dd/mm/yyyy.

  VAGA freelance multimedia creators are solely responsible for artistic and musical copyrights and must adhere to all applicable copyright laws. Freelance multimedia artists set the pricing for their own work and receive compensation from Northern Lights when sold or licensed. Northern Lights does not assume any legal responsibility for copyright infractions on behalf of freelance multimedia material.  Freelance laser material have the option of being registered with the canadian intellectual property office (CIPO) - Industry Canada at your own personal expense. Multimedia animations/lasershows are strictly for entertainment and should not contain any subject conflicting material of political, religious, personal ideologies nor should they advance or promote content with sex, violence, racism or discrimination.


NOTE - Freelance multimedia artists are expected and required to conduct themselves responsibly, professionally, ethically, courteously and with dignity. Fraudulent conduct/activity will automatically terminate accessibility as a registered freelance participant to Aurora3D Laser Multimedia Creative Collective. When you complete the online registration form to gain free remote access as a virtual freelance animation/illustrator/show programmer you are accepting and confirming to conduct yourself appropriately under the terms of using and working with the laser designer software.

Client multimedia animation requests are communicated to Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio by email at northern.lights@shaw.ca. Northern Lights will then post requests and assignments on VAGA for active virtual freelance multimedia artists the opportunity to work on projects of interest.

 Electronic Recycling Association - Official Sponsor Of Virtual Animation Gallery of Algoma - VAGA

ERA is a nationwide non profit electronic recycling association sponsoring our Virtual Animation Gallery of Algoma. Northern Lights is proud to be affiliated with ERA. We fully endorse/support ERA's efforts to cleanup landfills. Northern Lights is Aurora3D's VAGA home server administrator monitoring/maintaining server activity.