Michel J. Poirier, C.E.T. - Certified Eng. Technologist

GM/Owner/Operator Of Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio



Academics - Sault College Engineering Graduate

                   OACETT Member - Certified Engineering Technologist C.E.T.

  • Certified Electronic Engineering Technician - Sault College               
  • Certified Electronic Engineering Technologist - Sault College
  • Cerified Electrical Engineering Technician - Sault College
  • Licensed Construction Maintenance Electrician - 309D               

Michel Poirier has several years of Facilities Eng. Management experience in a large commercial casino

Taught electrical apprentices at various Ontario Colleges

Supervised Trades Personnel in manufacturing

Several years experience as a licensed electrician

Michel Poirier is an accomplished, personable, approachable reliable entrepreneur focused, perseverent, driven, dynamic, humble, socio-economic community builder/activist committed to positive change, social growth and social independence through personal empowerment. Northern Lights advocates breaking down barriers and promoting social acceptance by lending support to disadvantaged and isolated forgotten groups. Our hope is to grant affordable online access to an award winning  laser designer software to anyone aspiring to learn, develop and contribute animation skills as a self employed virtual freelance multimedia artist. He oversees the business activities by directing a small group of talented passionate individuals. 


Michel's Personal Statement

I have observed that the new global digital economy offers increasing opportunities in a growing media arts market. I decided to establish an online laser multimedia creative collective named Aurora3D where  digital multimedia artists can develop and display their artistry. Aurora3D is a creative catalyst offering an online platform to a digital E - commerce laser entertainment gallery (VAGA) to registered digital multimedia freelancers. VAGA registrants receive the opportunity to access and work online independently as self employed, self directed digital multimedia artists to develop, program, share, create and exhibit laser animation entertainment reaching and serving an existing established global digital economy. Virtual Animation Gallery of Algoma  - VAGA is Aurora3D's laser multimedia online window to the world nurturing and providing professional laser multimedia entertainment to a niche global market while offering personal development, intellectual/creative income earning, accessibility and inclusiveness to accomplished virtual freelance multimedia artists who embrace (2D/3D) multimedia entertainment and burn a passionate, creative spirit.

Dream big, create without boundaries and work hard.


Eyes To The Skies,

Michel Poirier C.E.T.

General Manager, Owner/ Operator




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