Laser Interactive Media

                                                   Integrating Unique Immersive Experiences





                                                                                                     "Laser Lumia" Animating Color Light Abstractions                                                                                                                                        

            Laser Lumia Illusion "Aurora Effect"                    

      "Lumia" Is The Term Used To Define Light Art


The "Aurora Borealis", which many commonly refer to as fleeting northern lights

is seen as one of the most exotic natural light displays in the Earth’s sky



             The Natural Grace Of The "Northern Lights"

                     Animates "Nordic Cool" Cultures

The Northern Lights Cast A Vivid,Vibrant Enigmatic Elegance

Nordic Myths Depicted Light Displays As Legendary Norse Gods

Inuit People Recited Folklore Tales Of Polar Spirits From The Afterlife

 Explorers Were Mystified Viewing Sweeping Ribbons Of Dancing Light                                                       


Aurora awakens and

dances to her own rhythm

with beauty and wonder


Aurora Signals The Arrival Of Dawn









   By Animating The "Northern Lights"



                Laser Lumia  "Aurora Effect" Illusion





 To Transition From The "Information Age" Into The "Imagination Age"

  Where Laser Media Technologies Elevate, Enrich Human Sensory Experiences




 Engage, Excite, Energize Audiences

With Laser Interactive Media



Brand Sponsorship Program  Action

  When Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Combines With Laser Projection Technology

The Effect Is Immersive Laser Multimedia Entertainment



     We Project "Coolness" In Every Frame




Laser Interactive Media - Laser Projection Marketing Strategies

"Drive Your Brand Awareness Successfully"

"Get Some Business Traction"

Community Laser Projection Billboard

Northern Lights is a professional laser multimedia studio located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. Northern Light's laser multimedia studio personnel are dynamic, innovative, creative, driven, entertaining, resourceful, passionate leaders who specialize in producing and developing professional static or dynamic custom laser projected billboards, murals for marketing/digital signage for any organization (indoors/outdoors). Laser light advertising is a superb, attractive, high impact, high visibility marketing tool that captures your emotions when advertising at fundraisers, trade shows/exhibitions, promoting tourism, corporate branding, acknowledging sponsors, sport teams and suppliers. We aim  to produce "scenes to be seen". Advertising is art and visibility equals profits. We have all heard the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" idiom which suggests a lack of visibility will be forgotten. Laser interactive media reaches out and captures your attention. Its hypnotic effect will draw you in. Northern Lights is able to reproduce and project illustrations using line work called vector graphics. Laser interactive media can create corporate logos, animate vector graphics, text messaging with special laser effects in full color, scalable and projected against any facade. Northern Lights can add or combine special effects during live stage shows and highlight nightly projected laser animated advertising / text messaging offering a competitive edge on any surface. Let us promote your branding slogans / taglines using special effects to highlight and feature your corporate messages for public viewing.

Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio is excited to present our laser interactive media to invaluable corporate sponsors and community partners. Our cutting edge laser technology will draw major attention to drive your brand and provide relevant product recognition. Laser projection has a special unique "X-Factor" quality. Our community laser projected billboards generate excellent public exposure and will acknowledges your generosity as a community builder. Your nightly laser projected marketing content will be a saved cycled cue lighting up the interior pavilion with coloured logos, text messaging, special FX (effects), animated advertising graphics and entertainment.

Nightly Pavilion Projection Times

Seven Days/Week - 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m

"Projection Dates " may be rescheduled due to severe weather, illness, equipment malfunctions or from Township requests.   

Sponsorship Program Inquiries: Emailnorthern.lights@shaw.ca                                                  

Sponsorship Invitation Brand Sponsorship Program - Complete application online (save to encrypted network) or download program   


                                                                                                                                 Prince Township Community Event Pavilion

Prince Township, is the Scenic and Beautiful region within the Algoma District, a short distance North West of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. Prince Township, is the Scenic and Beautiful region within the Algoma District, a short distance North West of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada.                                                                                                                                          



"Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio" is the official  contra sponsored laser interactive media rights holder for the Prince Township  " Community Event Pavilion".



Lasers bring a new era in cutting edge luminescense color projection technology. New innovative emerging information communication technologies (ICT) are developing an advanced laser technology revolution. Video and laser projection mapping can excite and provide interactive multimedia displays.

If you are a performing theatre group searching for animated projected graphical set designs we can create custom laser animated projected graphic background scenes from concept to execution. If you are an event promoter/manager searching for additional excitement to your main event, Northern Lights engages audiences by immersing and stimulating your external senses during our multimedia entertainment. If you are interested in advertising during our immersive multimedia entertainment venue called "Twilight Theatre". Our Lasers can synchronize to DJ music services and create special effects during Karaoke.Contact us for details. For more information regarding our services call a professional laserist at:

Northern Lights - Mobile - 705-297-1054 - Inquiries

Book Fun And Fabulous At Your Event

We Deliver The "WOW FACTOR"

Lasers are always the right choice for setting the mood  for audiences. Northern Lights offers an array of complimentary value added immersive multimedia laser services/applications to attract visitors and local audiences to various community venue operators. hotel/resorts, theatres/auditoriums, art/cultural centres, science centres, sport entertainment centres, community centres, banquet halls, concerts, nightclubs and scheduled events/shows by presenting a unique multimedia entertainment format (before, during and after) your main event.  Why not visually stun your audiences with amazing content that will have them  begging for more. Event digital marketing using laser multimedia AV is by far the most successful method and the only high impact choice of promoting, advertising/marketing products and services. It appeals to all of our senses and delivers a stimulating message better than any traditional media. Local community hub operators such as the Roberta Bondar Pavilion, Kiwanis Community Theatre, The Machine Shop, The Tech Complex, Grand Theatre, The Conservatory Loft, Essar Centre  are all suitable venues to host immersive multimedia entertainment. Northern Lights can customize a laser animation for your wedding, graduation, pubs, opening/closing ceremonies, special holiday, engagements, fashion shows, car shows, ice capades, proms, birthday parties, christmas parties, dance recitals & competitions, trade shows, indoor monster truck rallies, rodeos, public events, festivities and celebrations, conferences, concerts or concert tours, live symphony performances, dances and theatres. The latest laser trend and video is 2D/3D projection mapping. Northern Lights can create special effects by combining 2D/3D colorful laser projection mapping with video projection mapping of irregular shapes, surfaces and objects into interactive advertising/promotional displays to highlight, accentuate, and animate various subject matter.

Event /Venue Partnerships - Inquiries

Email: northern.lights@shaw.ca

  • Small and Medium Businesses - advertising, promotions, entertainment
  • Corporations - advertising, corporate branding, corporate retreats, casino and club entertainment
  • Non Profit Organizations - fundraising, announcements
  • Trade Shows - sponsorship, advertising, opening/closing ceremonies
  • Local Community Events - Canada Day, Festivals - Bon Soo Winter Carnival, Tourism - engage audiences with interactive messaging
  • Nightclub and Entertainment Venues - karaoke, battle of the bands, local bands and touring bands searching for special effects during shows
  • Sporting Events - tournament and venues - opening and closing ceremonies - engage your sport fans with our interactive messaging service
  • Full Dome lasershows - planetariums,  multimedia shows - science centres, imagineering laser entertainment - theme parks
  • Outdoor Water Features - Laser aquamedia shows on interactive water features

Northern Lights can travel to educational facilities to participate in school assemblies to entertain school groups, compliment Nightclub DJ music services and Karaoke by adding the "WOW FACTOR" to your activities, We can customize a personal pre programmed laser graphic animation or perform special effects to be viewed by your closest invitations to your wedding or reception. Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio can create excitement and fantastic laser visuals synchronized to recorded music at your Christmas, New Year's Party, Valentines Day, Canada Day or any themed celebration. We can also create special lighting effects to live symphony concerts, live stage performances, and theatrical productions. 

Northern Lights engages audience participation using interactive video messaging during our "Twilight Theatre" shows. Bring your smart phones and join the fun. We encourage the audience to participate by interacting with each other or by texting comments/requests or shout outs on screen during the shows. Text a message and have it projected at your next event by using our interactive video messaging service. Advertise your business images and text using the sms technology all while your audience can comment in real time or make requests. Interact with your audience and survey their responses by getting direct feedback. Audience text messaging can be displayed by laser projection, multimedia projection, LCD jumbo tron or digital video displays (flatsceens). Direct mobility promotions, announcements and advertising can be sent to your event text users through bulk sms.





    Laser Animotion Designs                                                                    


     Interactive Laser Media Entertainment

                      Interactive Laser Media Productions    








    Motion Graphics Is Where Animation And Graphic Design Meet


STEAM Resource

Empowering Youth To Be Agile Problem Solvers, Able To Imagine And Create The Future  

Fuel Your Passion Remotely From Home

Do you have a genuine passion or perhaps a hobby interest in motion graphics, visual storytelling, laser projected animated imaging or SFX (special effects) driven from a curious creative spirit. Do you have creative drawing abilities, a desire to doodle or sketch unconsciously. Northern Lights Laser Animotion Designs called Aurora3D is our online catalyst inspiring creative curiosity learning  (2D/3D) laser designer software necessary to become an accomplished independent multimedia motion graphic master. Gaming development and motion graphics are interchangeably intertwined. Motion graphics are an integral, essential component required to bring the gaming design vision to reality. You can explore Aurora3D as a leisure or professional activity. Create, and expand your personal freelance portfolio by building an online presence. Achieve new skills, strengthening your personal development. Aurora3D's common purpose is to entertain with laser multimedia. Music track selection sets the emotional show content while the laser delivers the visual punch. Claim your independence, unlock your inner creativity, consider the rewarding possibilities and enjoy the freedom of expression with combined universal media features such as digitizing and  keyframing vector graphics created with 2D/3D editors timedlined to music tracks. Nurture, enrich and explore the essence of discovery. Seize the moment and join Aurora3D for online laser motion graphic learning (See Freelancer To Register). Our strategic alliance with Pangolin Lasers offers you multiple opportunities to freelance your creativity.


The Power Of Beam Brush - Painting With Light

BEAM BRUSH ™ is great for artists who want to “color-in” and truly paint using laser light. Using BEAM BRUSH ™ you, as the graphical or abstract artist, will be able to create more diverse and uplifting soft, sharp projected images, thus forging a whole new dimensionality of effects.

Changing The Way We Use Lasers


Sign Up For Aurora3D's  Online Laser Animotion Learning By Completing The Online Registration Form At The Following Link



Aurora3D's Laser Animotion Designs offers online laser motion graphic learning of  Pangolin's award winning laser designer applications.

The Ultra VNC remote desktop viewer provides tutor access to Aurora3D's VAGA (Virtual Animation Gallery of Algoma) server where laser motion graphic learning will be mentored online via scheduled "Zoom" host sessions.





Aurora3D's VAGA server operates as a virtual machine server hosting animation tools like Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Inkscape and many other open source applications to create vector/raster motion graphics compatible with  the following Pangolin laser designer software Aurora3D.

Not Sure How, We Will Show You


                                             product details: Pangolin LD-2000 BASIC to LD-2000 PRO -    



Join the digital economy. Discover laser animotion online learning offered by Aurora3D.

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Aurora3D Official Corporate Sponsors

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Create spectacular laser motion graphic clipart with Aurora3D's Laser Animotion Designs by learning the best laser designer software application on the market at the fraction of the cost. Check out the following laser motion graphic youtube demo videos created with Pangolin laser designer software applications. Assistance is always a keystroke away.

Laser Animotion Demo Video Clips       


        Single Projector Laser Graphics Demo Clip




           Single Projector Laser Graphics Demo Clip






                                                      Aurora Solutions

                                 3,632 Calibration Icon Stock Photos and Images - 123RF


Aurora Solutions is "Northern Lights" electronic testing area for hardware maintenance servicing  internal repairs, inspections, calibrations, measurements and  troubleshooting in support of A/V multimedia equipment, computers, laser controllers, projectors and cable and connector accessories.