Northern Lights -  Luminescent Laser Lights 

 Natural Northern Beauty Animating Boreal Skies


The Alluring, Entrancing "Northern Lights"

Animate "The North"

During "The Evening Twilight"


The Northern Lights Cast A Vivid Enigmatic Elegance

Nordik Myths Depicted The Light Display As Legendary Norse Gods And Great Warriors

Indigenous People Recited Folklore Tales Of Polar Spirits 

Mariners, Explorers, Air Pilots Became Spellbound Witnessing Curtains Of Dancing Light




The Captivating Northern Lights

Cosmic Light Shows



Discover "The Northern Lights" 

Our Vision

To Connect, Cultivate, And Grow

Immersive Multimedia Entertainment


Our Mission

To Inspire And Support Creative Excellence Developing Immersive Multimedia Entertainment


      Our Action Plan

  When Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Combines With Laser Technology

The Projected Effect Is Immersive Multimedia Entertainment


Northern Lights Invites You To Experience

 Our Immersive Multimedia Entertainment Venue

"Twilight Theatre"


Northern Lights is a professional versatile laser multimedia studio located in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. Northern Light's laser multimedia studio personnel are dynamic, innovative, creative, driven, entertaining, resourceful, passionate leaders who specialize in producing and developing professional custom laser projected animated marketing/digital signage for any organization (indoors/outdoors). Lasers are a superb high impact, effective, high visibility marketing tool that captures your emotions when advertising at fundraisers, trade shows/exhibitions, promoting tourism, corporate branding, acknowledging sponsors, sport teams and suppliers. We can reproduce and project corporate logos, animate graphics and text messaging with special laser effects in full color, scaleable to any size against any facade (inflatable screens, scrims, buildings, water fountains). Northern Lights can add special effects during live stage shows and scale laser animated advertising to any facade.  Fill and cover your ski hill/mountain with laser images/logos during night skiing. Great way to market your resort and area businesses.

Lasers bring a new era in luminescense color projection technology. New innovative emerging information communication technologies (ICT) are developing an advanced laser technology revolution.

If you are a performing theatre group searching for animated projected set designs we can create custom laser animated projected multimedia backgrounds/scenes and produce them during your performances. If you are an event promoter/manager searching for additional excitement to your main event, Northern Lights engages audiences by immersing and stimulating your external senses during our multimedia entertainment. If you are interested in advertising during our immersive multimedia entertainment venue called "Twilight Theatre". Contact us for details. For more information regarding our services call a professional laserist at:

  Northern Lights - Cell Mobile - 705-297-1054 - Call Us To Book Your Event

Northern Lights offers an array of complimentary value added immersive multimedia services/applications to attract visitors and local audiences to various community operators. Hotel/resorts, theatres/auditoriums, art/cultural centres, science centres, sport entertainment centres, community centres, banquet halls, concerts, nightclubs and scheduled events/shows by presenting a unique multimedia entertainment format (before, during and after) your main event.  Event digital marketing using multimedia AV is by far the most successful method and the only high impact choice of promoting, advertising/marketing products and services. It appeals to all of our senses and delivers a stimulating message better than any traditional media. Local community operators such as Kiwanis Community Theatre, The Machine Shop, The Tech, Grand Theatre, Essar Centre  are all suitable venues to host immersive multimedia entertainment. Northern Lights can customize a laser animation for your wedding, graduation, pubs, opening/closing ceremonies, special holiday, engagements, fashion shows, car shows, ice capades, proms, birthday parties, christmas parties, dance recitals & competitions, trade shows, indoor monster truck rallies, rodeos, public events, festivities and celebrations, conferences, concerts or concert tours, live symphony performances, dances and theatres. The latest laser trend and video is 2D/3D projection mapping. Northern Lights can create 2D/3D colorful projection mapping of irregular shapes, surfaces and objects into interactive advertising/promotional displays to highlight, accentuate, animate and create exquisite special effects.

  • Small and Medium Businesses - advertising, promotions, entertainment
  • Corporations - advertising, corporate branding, corporate retreats, casino and club entertainment
  • Non Profit Organizations - fundraising, announcements
  • Trade Shows - sponsorship, advertising
  • Local Community Events - Canada Day, Festivals - Bon Soo Winter Carnival, Tourism - engage audiences with interactive messaging
  • Nightclub and Entertainment Venues - karaoke, battle of the bands, local bands and touring bands searching for special effects during shows
  • Sporting Events - tournament and venues - opening and closing ceremonies - engage your sport fans with our interactive messaging service
  • Full Dome lasershows - planetariums,  multimedia shows - science centres, imagineering laser entertainment - theme parks
  • Outdoor Water Features - Laser spectacles against interactive water features

Northern Lights can travel to educational facilities to participate in school activities or entertain school groups, compliment Nightclub DJ services by adding the "WOW FACTOR" to your activities, We can customize a personal laser animation or perform special effects to be viewed by your closest invitations to your wedding or reception. Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio can create excitement and fantastic laser visuals synchronized to recorded music at your Christmas/New Year's Party, Valentines Day,Canada Day or any themed celebration. We can also create special lighting effects to live symphony concerts, live stage performances, and theatrical productions. 

Northern Lights engages audience participation using interactive video messaging during our "Twilight Theatre" shows. Bring your smart phones and join the fun. We encourage the audience to participate by interacting with each other or by texting comments/requests or shout outs on screen during the shows. Text a message and have it projected at your next event by using our interactive video messaging service. Advertise your business images and text using the sms technology all while your audience can comment in real time or make requests. Interact with your audience and survey their responses by getting direct feedback. Audience text messaging can be displayed by laser projection, multimedia projection, LCD jumbo tron or digital video displays (flatsceens). Direct mobility promotions, announcements and advertising can be sent to your event text users through bulk sms.


Unlock And Unleash Your Artistry To A Creative Digital Market

Aurora3D - Laser Multimedia Creative Collective

(2D/3D) Digital Laser Multimedia Animation/Entertainment Learning

Do you have a genuine passion or perhaps a general interest in motion graphics, visual laser animated storytelling driven from a curious creative spirit. Do you have creative abilities, artistic talents able to entertain with digital animated laser vector graphics. Northern Lights laser multimedia creative collective called Aurora3D is a creative catalyst inspiring curiosity offering free online accessibility to (2D/3D) laser designer software to apply and develop skills necessary to become an inspired accomplished independent multimedia artist.  Aurora3D's collective common purpose is to entertain with laser multimedia. Claim your independence and unlock your inner creativity, nurture, enrich and explore the essence of discovery. Seize the moment and enroll to Aurora3D for online laser animation learning with free lifetime laser multimedia creative collective accessibility. Our strategic alliance offers web based digital laser animation learning using Pangolin's award winning laser designer animation software provided by Northern Lights.

Join the digital economy. Discover multimedia laser animation online learning offered by Aurora3D.


Aurora3D animation participants receive free lifetime remote online access to Aurora3D's VAGA server to enjoy, apply, learn, discover, experiment, produce, conceptualize/create/edit/draw and program a professional montage of your own laser frames (beams, graphical animations or laser over video) as an independent self employed, self directed multimedia artist. Your creative talents, versatility, humour, style and multimedia material shall reside on our creative collective home which is  VAGA (Virtual Animation Gallery Of Algoma) for exclusive control of  exhibition and commercial distribution by Northern Lights.



Algoma Amateur Animation Awards - Aurora3D

Northern Lights Laser Multimedia Studio will be celebrating and hosting its annual Algoma Amateur Animation Awards. Registered multimedia artists from Aurora3D are all eligible laser animation entries competing to for the title of  "Laser Animation of the Year". The winner will be declared by the viewing audience by interactive video messaging voting. Results will be displayed in real time for the audience to see results. Award winners will receive prize money, accolades and professional recognition amongst freelance peers.


Service Aurora

Service Aurora is fully electronically/technically equipped to service, repair, calibrate, test/troubleshoot, support A/V multimedia equipment, laser controllers/hardware, projectors and associated electronic equipment/cables.




Twilight Theatre - Immersive Multimedia Entertainment

Guided And Determined By "YOU" The Interactive Audience 

Embark On A Kaleidoscopic Journey, Witness The Elusive, Elegant "Northern Lights"

Northern Lights "Twilight Theatre" is an interactive immersive multimedia offering a public leisure laser entertainment venue.Twilight Theatre offers an entertaining digital public venue to unwind, enjoy, listen, share and relax to a cross section of memorable melodies under the Northern Lights. Flashback to your era and take pleasure in a social night of dancing, spectacular, vivid, vibrant laser effects during the streaming of your favorite onscreen web music videos and movie theme music videos. Northern Lights "Twilight Theatre's" immersive laser multimedia entertainment is licensed by SOCAN to entertain from our growing library mix of recent music videos and classic nostalgic music videos. Your onscreen majority audience video messaging voting will guide, influence, select and decide the music video genre format using your personal smartphone or ipad.  Laserists will perform, brilliant live animated laser beam/abstract optical effects modeling and replicating the captivating, alluring northern lights immersed into haze/fog during the viewing of the music videos. Whether you are a baby boomer, generation X or a millennial bring your smart phones/ipads to participate, meet new people, chat anonymously, dance, connect with others by text messaging onscreen, make specific requests/playful comments, rants, birthday shout outs and enjoy a social atmosphere at a truly fun filled unique northern attraction.  

NOTE - The onscreen interactive video text messaging service is monitored to block offensive and inappropriate remarks from audience sms users.                                     


Northern Lights "Twilight Theatre"                                                                           

 Public Shows - Evenings - 2 Hour Show -  Time - 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

General Admission Per Person - $20.00

Handicap Accessible


   Audience Comments

Great time, lots of fun.

Very cool venue.



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Northern Lights "Twilight Theatre"

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